FileMasker Data Masking Software Pricing

There are two types of licenses for FileMasker: Community and Premium. Each is described in detail below.

Please note that all pricing and licensing details on this page relate specifically to Filemasker only. DataVeil licensing and pricing can be found at DataVeil for SQL pricing.

Community License

A Community license is free and is automatically created for you when you sign-in to your free user account on this web site.

All features are enabled, including command-line and the AWS Lambda component, and the license shall never expire.

The difference between a free Community license and a paid Premium license is that a Community license enables you to mask unlimited data using only some of the masks (free masks) whereas the other masks (premium masks) can only be used to mask up to 10,000 values combined per file. This limit is reset each time you run a masking project.

The following masks are free and can be used to mask an unlimited amount of data (all other masks are considered premium):

  • Redact
  • Sentences
  • User Value

For example, in a single file you could mask 100 million values using the Redact mask, another 100 million using the Sentences mask, 6,000 values using the Street Address mask and another 4,000 values using the Randomize mask. Note that the 10,000 value premium masks limit has been reached by the Street Address and Randomize premium masks.

Premium License

A Premium license allows for masking unlimited data using all free and premium masks.

A Premium license is available as a Base component with an optional AWS Lambda component.

A 10% discount is available for each additional year that is prepaid. Subscribing for multiple years in advance offers not only significant savings but it also avoids having to go through internal requisition procedures each year. It also secures the current rate against any price increase during the prepaid period. Subscriptions can be paid up to 4 years in advance.

All prices are in United States Dollars and are exclusive of any applicable taxes or duties. Other currencies are available at time of order.


Base component

This includes the GUI authoring software to create FileMasker masking definition projects. These masking projects can be executed directly from the GUI or command-line on any computer with Java installed. This can be a local computer or a virtual or cloud-based computer. The Base component can be used to create an unlimited number of projects to mask unlimited data using all masks. The Base component is licensed on an annual subscription basis. Each license subscription allows the software to be installed on up to 5 computers but only one instance can be running at any given time. The subscription includes software maintenance and next business day support.

Prepaid Subscription Term

Base only

1 Year


2 Year


3 Year


4 Year



Base + AWS Lambda component

In addition to all of the features offered by the Base component, the AWS Lambda component allows for an unlimited number of masking projects to be executed as an unlimited number of AWS Lambda instances to mask unlmited data using all masks. Each AWS Lambda component subscription can be used on only one AWS account.

Prepaid Subscription Term

Base + AWS Lambda

1 Year


2 Year


3 Year


4 Year


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