The DataVeil Platform

What is the DataVeil Platform?

The DataVeil Platform is the free community edition of our data masking software. It is based on the same code as the commercial DataVeil software.

It provides an environment in which you can create data masking projects and a sophisticated control harness to execute them including all of the features listed below.

It allows you to mask an unlimited amount of data using masks that you develop, using the native SQL of the database that you are masking.

It includes some free built-in masks such as shuffle, redaction, date randomization and a dataset mask to use your own CSV files for substitution data. You can use these masks to mask an unlimited amount of data.

The commercial software differs only in that it provides additional premium masks. All of the premium masks are also available in the DataVeil Platform for use on a limited basis.

In summary, the DataVeil Platform license is free and will never expire. You can use it to mask an unlimited amount of data and you can extend its masking capabilities using any masking functions that you write.

Included in DataVeil Platform

  • Unlimited masking using the following Free masks:
    • Dataset (use your own CSV files as substitution data)
    • User SQL (call your own SQL code to return values)
  • Use Premium masks to mask up to 200,000 values for free in any masking run.
  • Integrated graphical user interface
    • Explorer, data browser, execution control panel, sensitive data discovery and reporting
  • Masking reports
    • Detailed masking PDF reports automatically generated.
    • Masking project configuration file automatically saved together with reports.
    • Optional email notifications, with thresholds, for masking job completions.
  • Sensitive data discovery
    • Built-in algorithms to search for typical sensitive data
    • Extensible with your own regular expression patterns
    • Discovery PDF reports automatically generated
    • Free Platform edition returns only up to 50 results per report.
  • Preview masking values
    • View before & after masked values side-by-side in the integrated data browser before writing any masked values to your database.
  • Random or deterministic masking modes
    • Deterministic masking of the built-in masks can ensure that specific original values are masked consistently across all of your masking jobs even when executed on different days and across different database types.
  • Automatic management of SQL objects
    • DataVeil automatically takes care of disabling, enabling, dropping and rebuilding related SQL objects as required to efficiently accomplish the masking process:
      • Indexes
      • Constraints
      • Triggers
  • Referential integrity
    • Foreign keys automatically handled. All related columns are automatically masked consistently to maintain referential integrity.
    • User-defined dependencies are also supported.
  • Conditional masks
    • Unlimited conditional masks for each column.
  • Duplicates
    • Consistent masking of duplicate values can be easily synchronized.
  • Joins
    • A mask in one table can reference values in multiple other tables.
  • Multi-threaded execution
    • Masking execution is automatically multi-threaded. Maximum thread count can be configured.
  • Execution order automatically determined
    • If some masks rely on other masked results then DataVeil has the intelligence to automatically schedule mask execution in the correct order (you do not have to specify this manually).
  • Masking execution control panel
    • View the status and duration of all masks currently executing in your masking project.
    • Ability to terminate a project in an orderly manner.
    • Point & click on any masked column to review a sample of the actual ‘before’ and ‘after’ masked values.
  • Command-line execution
    • Masking projects can be run from the GUI or from the command-line and batch files to facilitate automation.