Data Masking for CSV & JSON Files

What is FileMasker?


FileMasker is a data masking software tool designed specifically for masking delimted text files (CSV) and JSON files.

It has a similar look and feel to the DataVeil data masking software for SQL databases and shares the same principles of simplicity and effectiveness.

Furthermore, FileMasker shares many of the same masking functions so that CSV and JSON files masked by FileMasker can be masked consistently with data masked by DataVeil on SQL databases.


Using the FileMasker GUI, it is a quick and simple matter to define a masking project.

You can mask files on your local filesystem directly from the GUI or command line. You can also upload your project to Amazon S3 and run FileMasker as a Lambda function to mask files on S3.


Amazon AWS


FileMasker can also be run as an AWS Lambda function.

Therefore FileMasker can be incorporated into a data ingestion process flow so that the FileMasker Lambda function is called to mask incoming CSV and JSON files on S3.

FileMasker has very high throughput and typical masking configurations will process many terabytes of data per hour.




FileMasker is available now. Just login and download from the software downloads page.