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About DataVeil Technologies

DataVeil Technologies specializes in data masking and is the developer of the DataVeil and FileMasker data masking software.

Since 2002, our skills and experience had principally been in enterprise systems in the financial sector providing consulting services and software development with an emphasis on testing.



Through our ongoing involvement with many clients’ testing projects, it became clear that many were struggling with the sourcing of suitable test data. In other words, realistic test data that would accurately represent their production environment. While there is a case to be made for synthetic test data, the ultimate test is whether an application will work properly with its production data. Databases have become increasingly complex, typically with hundreds or even thousands of tables consisting of over a hundred thousand columns. Therefore, to anticipate and recreate all of the possible data cases and relationships is extremely difficult if not impossible. It’s not unusual to hear a support engineer say something like “the problem is happening in production, but we can’t reproduce it in our test environment”.

In the past, many organizations would choose to take a copy of their raw production data and move it into their test environment. Some would try to apply basic masking to only the most sensitive fields, but often no masking of sensitive data would take place at all. The reasons typically given were that it was too difficult, would take too long and would cost too much. Some would say that they did not believe it would be even be possible because they had multiple databases from different vendors on different servers and they would all need to be masked consistently. For example, if “John” was masked to “Frank” in one database, then all instances of “John” in all databases would need to be masked to “Frank”. A further challenge would be that the masking process would need to be run at different times for each database.

Of course, data privacy and security laws have become much tougher with significant penalties. Organizations have recognized the need for technologies such as data masking.

In 2009 we began to investigate specifically what tools were available, what they were capable of, and why clients would choose to use them or not. Often the objections were that the tools were too difficult to use, required ongoing maintenance and considerable training and expertise. We listened carefully to what our clients had to say and began defining the requirements of a data masking solution that would satisfy their needs. In late 2010 we commenced development on what is now the DataVeil data masking software. Today, it is the very effective and very easy to use data masking tool that is used in over 90 countries. It is also very low cost and a free edition is also available.

Data masking technologies is our core focus and strategic direction. We are continually improving and refining our data masking software to meet the evolving needs of customers and ever-stricter requirements of data privacy laws. We remain very customer-focused, provide first-class support and welcome feedback.