What are DataVeil and FileMasker?

DataVeil and FileMasker are both data masking software tools.

DataVeil is for permanently masking sensitive data on SQL databases. Databases supported: SQL Server , Oracle , MySQL and Azure SQL .

FileMasker is for permanently masking sensitive data in files. FileMasker can be run on local computers or as an AWS Lambda for extremely high throughput masking of big data. Supported formats include JSON and text-delimited (CSV) files.

DataVeil and FileMasker replace sensitive information such as person names, addresses, phone numbers and credit card numbers with realistic but fictitious information. This makes the masked data non-sensitive so that it can be safely used in non-secure environments such as for Testing, Outsourcing, Development, Training, Data Analysis and Support, all without data security or privacy concerns.

Get DataVeil Platform For Free

Download the DataVeil data masking software for free. All features are enabled. The license shall never expire.

Why Use Masked Production Data?

complianceRegulatory Compliance

DataVeil helps you comply with data security and privacy laws and regulations such as GDPR, PCI and HIPAA.

Data security and privacy laws are becoming more stringent as are the associated penalties for non-compliance.

It is simply not worth the risk of non-compliance, penalties and damage to reputation by using sensitive data in non-secure environments, particularly when fast, effective and affordable solutions such as DataVeil are available.

Representative Data

bar-chart195DataVeil can preserve the statistical and syntactical properties of your Production data.

For example, DataVeil can preserve a non-sensitive portion of every value, such as the prefix of credit card numbers (or phone numbers, or account identifiers, etc). This means that the masked database shall contain the exact same distribution of credit card types as found in Production.

DataVeil can also preserve the format of every individual character of every sensitive value, such as whether it is a digit or alphabetic character, upper or lower case, whitespace or special character.

Therefore, DataVeil produces highly meaningful and relevant masked data that reflects your Production data.

structure200Structural Congruity

Production databases are often complex in their layout. This complexity is compounded by numerous data and relationship combinations  and permutations that can occur over time as various real-world conditions are encountered.

It can be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to manually re-create such complexities using synthetic data.

A masked copy of your Production database can provide an exact snapshot of all such permutations and complexities as found in your actual Production database.

Use Masked Production Data for:

Benefits of Using DataVeil

  • Compliance with data security and privacy regulations

  • Reduced risk of data breaches

  • Avoids fines, penalties and breach remediation costs

  • Protects reputation by securing data

  • Very high ROI

  • Little or no specialist skills required

  • Ability to share data safely

  • Provides standardized approach to data masking

  • Increased productivity through efficient data masking

  • Improved quality of Development, Testing and Training

Why Choose DataVeil?

  • Easy Install. Download, unzip and run the executable file!

  • Easy to Use. Intuitive GUI. Ease-of-use has been a design priority. Get started in minutes.

  • Preview Mode. Preview before & after masked values, side-by-side, without overwriting your original data.

  • Sophisticated Masks. Built-in masks with flexible and easy to understand options.

  • Format-Preserving Masks. Masks that preserve the format of every individual original value. Captures nuances of your Production data.

  • Partial Field Masking. Preserve partial content of every individual original value such as prefixes. Captures statistical properties of your Production data.

  • Fast Masking. DataVeil is among the fastest data masking software tools available. It will do in minutes what takes prominent competitors hours or even overnight.

  • Relationship Obfuscation. Manipulate relationships to hide strategic information from third parties.

  • Command Line Interface. Run DataVeil from batch files and scheduled executions for automation.

  • Simple Licensing. Easy to understand licensing.

  • Very Low Cost. We publish our price list.

Get DataVeil Platform For Free

Download the DataVeil data masking software for free. All features are enabled. The license shall never expire.


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