DataVeil Data Masking Software Pricing

Included in All DataVeil Licenses


Considering that some data masking software vendors structure their license fees according to database sizes, features or execution limits that are actually included in all DataVeil licenses we have listed those below for clarification.




Number of Projects


Number of Databases


Number of Executions


Maximum Target Database Size


Discovery of Sensitive Data Capability


Consistent Masking Capability


Preview Before & After Masked Values


Customizable Reports


Email Notifications


Free and Premium Masks

Pricing is based on the maximum number of sensitive values that are configured with premium masks in any single masking project.

The total number of premium masks in a masking project is the sum of all columns that contain a premium mask multiplied by the total number of rows in each of those columns. If a column contains a mix of free and premium masks then the entire column shall be considered premium for licensing purposes.

For example, suppose that you had a project where you were using premium masks in 3 columns in a table of 400,000 rows, and another table where you were masking 2 columns in a table of 1,000,000 rows. Therefore, the total number of premium masks would be (3 * 400,000) + (2 * 1,000,000) = 3,200,000.

The following are free masks and can be used to mask an unlimited amount of data (all other masks are considered premium):

  • Dataset (use your own CSV files as substitution data)
  • User SQL (call your own SQL code to return masked values)

Price Lists

DataVeil can be licensed on a low-cost all-inclusive annual Subscription License basis or as a Perpetual License with annual maintenance.

The price lists for each are given below: