• DataVeil runs as a Java client application.
  • The user environment does not need Java to be installed because DataVeil is pre-configured to use its embedded copy of OpenJDK 18.
  • DataVeil can be run with a Graphical User Interface or as a batch job from the command line.
  • DataVeil can be installed on the same computer as the database to be masked (preferred) or on a workstation across a network.
  • DataVeil connects to databases using JDBC.
  • The processing overhead of the DataVeil client is minimal. Most of the masking work is done by the DBMS.

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Linux, Unix or Windows (desktop and server editions)
  • Memory where DataVeil client is run: Approximately 1GB available memory. For schemas greater than approximately 1,000 tables this requirement may be greater
  • Table space: Your DBMS should have enough free table space equivalent to approximately double the space of all columns that are to be masked. This is for temporary work columns created by DataVeil.

Databases Supported

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or later
  • Microsoft Azure SQL Database or Managed Instance
  • MySQL 5.7 or later
  • Oracle 10g or later