Changes to DataVeil Platform Free Features

On July 1, 2021 some of the included free features of the DataVeil Platform license shall be changing.

Specifically, the following masks shall remain free to mask unlimited data:

Therefore, the Randomize DateTime, Redact and Shuffle masks shall revert to being premium masks. These masks shall still be available to use for free, just like any other premium mask, but shall be included in a total premium limit of 200,000 masked values per execution. i.e. the limit is reset each time a masking project is run.

Also, the Discovery feature in the free Platform license shall now return only the first 50 results.

The DataVeil Platform offers a rich set of free features to underpin any data masking project that you may choose to implement. A great many sophisticated features interoperate transparently to make creating and executing data masking projects a simple matter, such as: consistent masking (deterministic mode), automatically maintaining referential integrity, parallel execution of masks, conditional masks, automatic report generation, duplicates handling, command line execution and much more. Please see DataVeil Platform for more information on the comprehensive set of free features.

DataVeil software that is downloaded before July 1 shall continue to operate indefinitely with the current expanded allowances including full unlimited results from Discovery.

Therefore, if you are happy with the free feature set as-is and would like to keep using these for free for years to come (forever), then make sure that you either keep the software that you already have or download the latest version before July 1. After July 1, new software releases shall enforce the new limits.