How to switch the DataVeil License file

Sometimes you may find that you need to switch the License file.

For example:

  • You may want to switch a free License with an Unlimited Trial or paid License
  • You have renewed your License subscription and want to switch to a new License file that defines the new subscription expiry date
  • Your Unlimited Trial has expired and you wish to reinstate your free license

Switching to another License file


Switching your License file is simply replacing the actual physical License file and restarting the DataVeil software.

Therefore, you can rename the current License file to a temporary name (or delete if you’re sure you won’t need it again) and then replace it with the new License file using the same name as the original License file.

If you don’t know the current License file location then you can find it by starting DataVeil, then from the main menu select Tools -> Options and then click on the “License” button. The location of the current License file shall be displayed in the “File” field.

Changing the name of the current License file


If you decide that you want to change the name of the License file that DataVeil is currently using then simply rename the file and restart the DataVeil software.

DataVeil will not be able to find the License file using the old name and so it shall prompt you for the location of a License file. You would now specify the renamed License file.