How do I install, upgrade or uninstall the DataVeil software?

DataVeil software is delivered as a ZIP file.

Installation is simple and clean – all that is required is to unzip the ZIP file and specify the location of your License file.

The installation makes no modifications to the Windows registry or any system files.

New Installation


To install, unzip the ZIP file. It will produce one parent folder called “dataveil”.

To run DataVeil you run (or double-click) the file "run_dataveil_gui.bat" (Windows) or "run_dataveil_gui" (Linux).

When you first run the software, it shall prompt you for your License file. When you created your account a License file was automatically placed in your Downloads page.

It is generally recommended that you place this License file somewhere outside of the unzipped software file structure. This is because if you later upgrade the software (described below) then the upgrade will look for the License file in the last known location. If you later delete the older software folder that contained the License file (thereby deleting the License file) then you will be prompted for the License file again. Therefore, keeping the License file outside of the unzipped software folder structure avoids having to move/download another License file.



To upgrade to another version of software, you simply download the new version’s ZIP file and unzip, just as you would for a new installation.

Now you simply run the file "run_dataveil_gui.bat" (Windows) or "run_dataveil_gui" (Linux). from the newly unzipped folder.

If you had created any shortcuts to run DataVeil then please update these to point to the new launcher files.

After you start the DataVeil GUI you can confirm which version you are running by noting the version number displayed in the title bar of the main window.

New DataVeil software versions are compatible with older version Project files, but older software may not be able to process newer version Project files. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you save a backup of your older Project files until you are certain that you will not need to revert to an older version of DataVeil software.



To remove the DataVeil software from your system:

  1. If you wish to completely remove all trace of DataVeil including your Preferences file, then delete your “.dataveil” User directory. This was automatically created by DataVeil to store your preferences and its GUI work area. The exact location is shown in the DataVeil software menu Help -> About, “User directory”.
  2. Delete the unzipped DataVeil software folder.
  3. Delete the License file (wherever you placed it.)

This will have completely removed the DataVeil software from your system.