DataVeil Version 4 Available July 30

DataVeil data masking software version 4.0 shall be available for download on July 30.

Notable features & improvements in DataVeil version 4.0:

  • DataVeil Native Library
    • DataVeil is already one of the fastest data masking tools available and with this new library, masked value generation performance is boosted by approximately 2x for Oracle, and 20x for SQL Server.
    • ‘DataVeil Native Library’ refers to a Java JAR for Oracle, and a CLR Assembly for SQL Server that are installed on the DBMS. These are optional and not required but if not installed then the performance improvement won’t be realized.
    • Not available for MySQL. Table writer performance is unchanged.
  • Oracle Get Schema now much faster
    • Version 3 used the JDBC API to fetch the schema which is rather slow for Oracle. This has been rewritten to query system tables directly. Now it is typically approximately 5x faster.
  • Discovery
    • New search option ‘Approx row counts’. This will be set TRUE by default. It will use existing system info if available, such as statistics, to quickly determine a row count (just as Quick Preview masking run does). This is to avoid waiting a potentially long time for row counts on very large tables or having them interrupted and not available at all. Row counts in discovery are just an indication. They do not affect the quality of the sensitive data discovery result at all. The configured sample sizes are still fully scanned.
  • Person Full Name mask
    • Has much smarter parsing now.
    • A new Prefix/Suffix tab has been implemented. i.e. Handles Mr, Ms, Jnr, etc.
  • Partial masking specification enhanced
    • Implemented for masks Randomize, Randomize Hex and Redact.
    • Now adds range selection using a substring as a delimiter.
    • Define a range to mask only the characters before a substring or after a substring. Can be further refined with the existing First/Last options that will operate on the selected range.
    • E.g. Redact all characters before ‘@’ in email addresses. E.g. Randomize all digits after the second occurrence of ‘-’ character.

There are many other enhancements so visit us again on July 30 to download the new DataVeil version 4.0 data masking software.