DataVeil Data Masking Software Now Available for Linux and Unix Platforms

July 12, 2017, MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – Software company, DataVeil Technologies, has announced that its DataVeil data masking software is now available for Linux and Unix platforms. This is in addition to the already supported Windows platform.

DataVeil is static data masking software that permanently overwrites sensitive data with realistic but fictitious data in a copy of a database. This makes the non-sensitive copy safe to use in non-secure environments such as testing, training, analytics and outsourcing without breaching data security or privacy regulations because the data has been rendered non-sensitive. The overall structure and other valuable characteristics of the original data are preserved.

The DataVeil software provides masking capabilities for SQL databases: Oracle, SQL Server, and Azure SQL DB. It provides a graphical user interface and can also be run from the command line or from a shell script to facilitate automation.

The software is free to download and free for perpetual use to mask an unlimited amount of data. Commercial editions that offer additional masking features are also available. For further details refer to

DataVeil data masking software is used by major corporations, government agencies and other users in over 70 countries.

About DataVeil Technologies

DataVeil Technologies is a privately held software and services company established in 2002 headquartered in Melbourne, Australia that specializes in data masking technologies.