DataVeil Announces a Free Persistent Data Masking Software Platform

August 17, 2016, MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – DataVeil Technologies today announced the general availability of the DataVeil Platform, a free persistent data masking software platform.

Persistent data masking is the permanent replacement of sensitive data with fictitious and typically realistic non-sensitive data in a database. For example, customer details are substituted with fictitious names and contact information. Organizations can then move that data into non-secure environments such as for testing, development or training without security risks or compromising data privacy.

The DataVeil Platform provides users with an intuitive framework to create data masking projects. It also provides the underlying management and control harness to execute them. This lets users focus on creating their own masks, or simply selecting from any of the built-in free masks, and then pressing ‘go’ to mask as much data as they need, absolutely free.

 “We are proud to be the first to offer such a sophisticated persistent data masking platform with unlimited masking capacity, free of charge,” said Terry Swiatkiwsky, CEO of DataVeil Technologies. “It has always been our goal to deliver elegant and highly effective data masking solutions and our Platform edition now makes that accessible to everyone.”

The DataVeil Platform shares the same code base and provides all of the features of the commercial DataVeil data masking software that is used by some of the world’s largest organizations and government agencies. The difference is that the commercial options offer additional built-in premium masks for extended or unlimited use; however, even these masks are available for limited free use in the DataVeil Platform.

The underlying control harness of the DataVeil Platform transparently takes care of all execution related matters that can be both cumbersome and complex to implement manually. This includes automatically handling referential integrity, constraints, triggers, parallel execution of multiple masks and correctly sequencing masks that are dependent on other masks.

A productivity feature of the GUI is that users can configure a mask and then preview a sample of the masked values side-by-side with the original values. A masking project can be run directly from the GUI or from the command line and batch files to facilitate automation. Reports for data masking outcomes, which can assist in compliance requirements, are automatically generated.

A deterministic masking mode for built-in masks ensures that distinct original values are masked consistently within the same database and across multiple databases of different types even when masking is executed on separate occasions.

Sensitive data discovery is included. It provides built-in detection algorithms and data validation, such as verifying check-digits and value ranges, for common types of sensitive data. Users can customize the discovery process with their own search patterns based on regular expressions. Reports for discovery outcomes are automatically generated.


The DataVeil Platform software is available today for download at no charge from Supported databases are Oracle and SQL Server. Support for Azure SQL Database will be available October, 2016.

About DataVeil Technologies

DataVeil Technologies is a software and services company, established in 2002 and headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, specializing in data masking technologies.