DataVeil 4.8 Released

DataVeil version 4.8 has been released and is available for download at

Performance Improvement of 20% - 300%+

Significant innovations have been implemented in DataVeil version 4.8 that can yield considerable performance improvements in many typical masking projects.

Factors that influence the degree of performance improvement include:

  • Masking of larger tables (at least several million rows)
  • Conditional masks are used (masks that specify a Where condition)
  • Preserve masks are used or many rows are preserved by default.

Performance improvement may not be noticeable when each masked column in a table uses only a single unconditional mask or on smaller tables (less than a few million rows).

The performance gain is not related to whether the DataVeil native library is installed. Therefore, all users whose masking projects satisfy the above conditions can expect to see performance gains. This applies to all database types, in particular SQL Server/Azure and Oracle.

Furthermore, if more than one of the above conditions are met, then the performance improvement is amplified.

The improvement is even further amplified if only a single column in a table is being masked and meets the conditions listed above.

In summary, the performance improvement will vary considerably depending on individual circumstances and many other internal database details. Masking smaller tables will not have a noticeable performance difference. When masking tables of only several million rows then the performance gain will likely be modest (closer to 20%). When masking tables with significantly more rows (tens or hundreds of millions), under the conditions described above, then the performance gains will increase considerably.

New Splitter Mask

DataVeil 4.8 introduces the new Splitter mask.

This mask enables column values to be split into multiple parts (fields) where each field can be masked by a different mask.

Each field can be fixed length or variable length.

For further details please refer to The Splitter Mask in the DataVeil User Guide.


New Option in Pre and Post-Masking Scripts

Previously, the pre and post-masking scripts assumed that each line was a separate SQL query.

This could lead to some cumbersome situations where a long query would need to be placed on a single line.

DataVeil 4.8 introduces a new option to select whether each line should be performed as a separate query or whether the entire text should be performed as a single query.

For further details please refer to Scripts in the DataVeil User Guide.


Other Changes

There are several other minor updates and fixes. For details, please refer to the release notes using the Version History link from the Downloads page.