DataVeil 4.7.6 Released

DataVeil version 4.7.6 has been released and is available for download at

Where Condition Added To Sequence Mask

A Where condition tab has been added to the Sequence mask.

This has the effect of applying this Where condition to every mask contained in the Sequence mask. If a mask already has a Where condition then it shall be ANDed with the Sequence mask's Where condition.


Mask Component Duplication Feature

The user can now easily create a new Component using a copy of an existing Component.

Just select the existing component and click on the 'Duplicate...' button.


SQL Server: Auto Management of System-Versioned Temporal Tables

DataVeil now includes automatic management of SQL Server system-versioned temporal tables.

This means that DataVeil will automatically disable/enable system versioning of affected tables during masking.

Also, a new DBMS setting has been implemented to define whether the associated history table should be truncated or not. If a temporal table is masked and this setting is not enabled and no masks have been defined on the history table then a compile error will be reported.


SQL Server: Native Library Slowness Detection

Sometimes the DataVeil native library on SQL Server and Azure Managed Instance would perform slowly.

This has been found to be due to memory caching issues on SQL Server.

Therefore, a new DBMS setting has been implemented to enable detection of native library slowness. If it is found to be unusually slow, then DataVeil shall clear the SQL Server instance's cache. This setting is enabled by default.


Other Changes

  • SQL Server native library DLL (CLR assembly) is now signed. DLL version number is now 1.2.1. No functional changes.
  • Masks Summary table is now sortable.
  • Oracle JDBC now includes orai18n.jar to handle additional charactersets.
  • PAN Mask panel now issues warning if preserve digit count > 9, instead of error when > 8.
  • Fixed: DataVeil recovery mode could fail if SQL Server CHANGE_TRACKING was enabled on a masked table.