DataVeil 4.2 XML and JSON Masking

DataVeil version 4.2 has been released and brings XML masking support along with JSON masking that was also recently introduced.

JSON and XML provide for extremely flexible formats and each record can contain an enormous amount of data. Furthermore, a JSON or XML column can contain records of completely different layouts from one row to the next.

DataVeil 4.2 provides a simple and elegant way to mask such complex and highly variable data structures. Using well-understood path expressions, such as JSONPath and XPath, the user can define how values found on a matching path are to be masked. DataVeil can mask multiple values found on a single path distinctly and consistently with how other data outside of JSON and XML have been masked. This offers a significant advantage over other software that are unable to distinctly mask multiple values on a single path and instead replace all such values with a single masked value thereby losing consistency and potentially breaking relationships to other data.

A video demonstration of XML masking can be viewed at