Create a Generic User Account For Your Organization

You may find it more convenient or appropriate to create a portal account with a generic username representing your organization’s name rather than an individual.

This makes it easier to manage later in the event that someone else takes over the role for managing DataVeil software licenses and maintaining software updates. This is because the username cannot be changed.

For example, suppose a user called “John Smith” who is working for “Company XYZ Inc” wants to register a portal account to manage the DataVeil software and licenses on behalf of his company. Currently, he will be the primary point of contact for any notifications from DataVeil Technologies, but someone else may be taking on this role at a later date.

Therefore, to register a portal account, first vist the registration page at or just click on the Members option in the main menu at and follow the options to register.

The first screen shall simply ask for the person’s name and email address.

These can be changed later, so John just enters his details as shown.

After clicking on the Register button an email is sent to the specified email address containing a registration completion link.

Note: If you want to use the same email address that you have already used to create a previous account then you shall first need to login to the previous account and change that email address to something different because an email address can only be associated with a single account. This can be done from ‘My Profile’ shown below. Alternatively, if you won’t be needing your previous account any longer then just ask us to delete it.



After clicking on the registration completion link in the email the web form shown is loaded.

Here the user chooses a User Name which cannot be changed.

Therefore, if it is possible that other users from your organization may need to access this account then it makes sense to choose a username that is generic and represents your organization rather than a specific individual.

In this example, John’s company name is Company ABC Inc so a suitable username could be something like company_abc as shown.

All the other details on this form can be changed later. You may notice that the email address cannot be changed on this form; however, it can be changed later.

Click on the Register button to complete the registration.


If you need to edit the contact details associated with this account, click on Members in main menu and then select My Profile.


On the Edit Profile page we can see that Jane Baker has replaced John Smith as the primary contact at Company ABC Inc and she has updated the name, email and phone number fields accordingly.

The User Name field cannot be changed and this is why it may be useful to choose a generic username for your organization.