There are two types of high-level DataVeil settings:

Settings for the current Project

These settings define parameters specific to the current project.

For example, default determinism to be used, connection details for database definitions in the project and maximum threads to be used.

These settings are saved to the current project file.

Whenever a project file is opened then these settings are loaded from the project file.

These settings are found under the Settings tab in the main GUI window.

Under this tab you will find two further tabs: Project and Database.


The Project tab contains settings that apply throughout the entire project and for every database schema defined in this project. Please refer to the Project Settings section for further details.

The Database tab contains settings that apply only to the database connection that has current focus. e.g. currently selected in the Project explorer tree. Please refer to the Database Settings section for further details.


Software Options

Software options apply to the general operation of DataVeil and can be thought of as software preferences.

These options persist across all projects.

For example, optional email server settings for project completion notifications and which type of messages to include in the logger output.

These options are found under the GUI menu Tools->Options.

Please refer to the Software Options section for further details.