Software Options

Software options apply to the general operation of DataVeil and can be thought of as software preferences.

These options persist across all projects.

These options are found under the GUI menu Tools->Options.


The Options panel has many general UI preferences that can be defined under the headings General, Keymap Appearance and Miscellaneous.

The remainder of this section shall describe DataVeil-specific options.




Please refer to the Installation section for a detailed description of the Directories option.




The License panel will show the location and details of your DataVeil license.


Usage Data

This panel lets you enable or disable sending usage statistics of the DataVeil software to DataVeil Technologies Pty Ltd.

The information sent is anonymous. Not even IP details are logged.

The information sent includes:

* Operating system version

* Java version

* DBMS version

* Mask performance details (mask type, row count, duration)

* Error numbers (numbers only, no error text is included).

Please consider keeping this option enabled. It helps us prioritize and determine:

* Which platform versions we need to continue to support and which we can sunset and therefore better deploy development and support resources.

* Which masks are performing satisfactorily and which need further review or optimization.

* Whether errors are occurring so that technical support can be alerted to investigate.



You can select whether you want more or less detailed messages logged or displayed.




You can define the email server settings that shall be used to optionally send masking run completion email notifications.

For further information please refer to Installation and Masking Report.