Project Settings


Project settings define parameters specific to the current project.

These settings are saved to the project file.

When a project file is opened these settings from the project file are loaded into memory which can then be accessed from the Settings->Project tab in the main GUI window.


The Project Tab

Under the Project tab are settings that apply throughout this project.

Therefore, if multiple database schemas are configured in this project then this applies to every schema.

The Project Key Tab

This tab can be used to define, change or delete a project key for the current project.

The software shall conveniently prompt you whenever a project key needs to be defined or entered and you normally may not have a need to use this panel.

Please refer to Project Security for further details on the project key.


The Determinism Tab

This tab defines the default determinism settings for this project.

Typically when a mask is created its default determinism setting is to use the project's current default setting as shown in this panel.

This makes it convenient to change the determinism for many masks from this global setting; however, each mask can override the default setting in its own mask's Determinism tab.

Please refer to The Determinism Option in the Masks Reference section for further details.