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FileMasker License Overview

FileMasker requires a license file in order to operate.

When you first start FileMasker you shall be prompted for the location of the license file.

You can download your FileMasker license file from your free user portal account at It is available on the same web page as the software download.

There are two different types of FileMasker license: Community and Premium. These are described below.


Community License

A Community license is created for you automatically in your portal account.

This is a free perpetual license (never expires).

The following masks are free masks and can be used to mask an unlimited amount of data:

* Redact
* Sentences
* User Value

All other masks are considered premium masks. A full description of all masks can be found in the Masks Reference section.

All of the features, including AWS Lambda, are enabled in the free Community license the same as in the Premium license. The only difference is that a single masking execution will mask up to a total of 10,000 values using premium masks per file. If this number is exceeded then the masking run shall terminate with an error. Note this number does not include free masks. Free masks can always be used to mask unlimited data. Therefore, you could create a project to mask millions of values using free masks plus up an additional 10,000 values using premium masks.


Premium License

A Premium license is a paid license. It enables masking of an unlimited amount of data using all masks.

A Premium license consists of:

* Base Software
* AWS Lambda Option


Base Software

This is the core GUI and command-line interface software that can be used to mask an unlimited amount of data on any supported Java platform.

The base software is licensed on an annual subscription fee and includes software updates and support.


AWS Lambda Option

For an additional annual subscription fee, the AWS Lambda option can be enabled. This option requires a Base software license.

This option provides unlimited masking as an AWS Lambda.

This can be used in a single AWS account only but an unlimited number of concurrent FileMasker Lambdas can be running in that account at any time.

The automatic concurrency feature of AWS Lambdas provides very high throughput where masking many terabytes per hour is possible.


Trial License

If you are interested in evaluating an unlimited Premium license with the AWS Lambda option then please contact us for a free 30 day trial license.

You can reach us any way that is convenient to you such as by email or by using the Contact Us form at our web site. Please include your portal account username because that is where your trial license shall be securely delivered.


License Details

The license file is text file containing a JSON record and so its contents can be viewed with any text editor. Do not alter the contents in any way or it shall no longer be usable by the software.

You can also view the license file details from the FileMasker GUI from the main menu Tools->License.







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