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User Value Mask




User Value Mask

This mask lets you specify an explicit value to overwrite original values.


Do not enclose the Value text within quotes unless you want the quotes to be part of the masked value. FileMasker shall automatically enclose the value in quotes as required for string fields.


For CSV files

All CSV fields are considered string fields, therefore any leading or trailing spaces shall be included in the masked value, even if the only other characters are numeric.


For JSON records

At run time, FileMasker shall recognize whether the original value is a string or a number.

If it is a string then FileMasker shall replace it with the specified Value, including any leading or trailing spaces, as a string.

If it is a number then FileMasker shall attempt to convert the specified Value into a number. Therefore, the Value field must not contain any characters that could cause the conversion from string to a number value to fail otherwise a runtime error shall be reported. Any leading and trailing spaces shall be ignored.






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