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Upgrade FileMasker Software

Step 1: Perform install to a new folder

To upgrade the FileMasker software, first download the new software ZIP file and unzip it.

Next, perform a normal install. i.e. just unzip the ZIP file. For Linux/Unix environment also set permissions. See Install FileMasker Software for full details.

Note: You can install a later version of the FileMasker software side-by-side with an earlier version; however, only one instance of the GUI can be running at any given time because the GUI software shall attempt to use the same work area cache. Multiple command-line executions can be run concurrently because these do not rely on the same GUI work area. Please do not run more concurrent copies than specified in your license. Please see the Licensing section for details.

Step 2: Clear the FileMasker cache (Windows)

If this installation is on Windows then it is recommended to clear the FileMasker cache from the previous version's installation. It's usually optional but recommended.

This is easily done by running the supplied batch file clean.bat.

Step 3: Update any Shortcuts

If you have been running FileMasker using a shortcut then please make sure that you update it to point to the new launcher.

Step 4: Confirm New Version

Start the FileMasker GUI and confirm which version of FileMasker you are running by looking at the version number displayed in the GUI main title bar.


The upgrade procedure is completed.

The license file location and all other preferences from the previous version of FileMasker shall be automatically found by the new version of FileMasker.






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