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Response Message




AWS Lambda Response Message

Upon completion of the FileMasker Lambda, AWS shall return a JSON completion response message from FileMasker.


      "inPath": "dvbucket01/TESTJASONFILE_100K_arr.json",
      "outPath": "dvbucket01/out/TESTJASONFILE_100K_arr.json",
      "projectPath": "dvbucket01/mask_proj100_norm_ndet.fmp",
      "resultCode": "SUCCESS",
      "recordsProcessed": 100000,
      "inSizeBytes": 180200001,
      "outSizeBytes": 200140710,
    "inCompressionActual": NONE,
    "outCompressionActual": NONE,
      "valuesUpdated": 500000,
      "durationMs": 7915,
      "diagnosticMsg": "",
      "version": "1.0.0"


inPath: The S3 path to the original file that was used as input for masking. This original file is never overwritten or deleted by FileMasker.

outPath: The S3 path to where the masked version of the original file was written.

projectPath: the S3 path to the FileMasker project file (.fmp) that was used for the masking definitions.


resordsProcessed: The count of records that were written to the output file. This shall always be the same as the number of records in the input file when resultCode is SUCCESS.

inSizeBytes: The byte count of the input file.

outSizeBytes: The byte count of the output file. This can be different to inSizeBytes because masked values may be different in length to the original values. E.g. A masked person's name will likely be a different length to the original name.

inCompressionActual: Actual compression determined for the input file. NONE or GZIP.

outCompressionActual: Actual compression used for the output file. NONE or GZIP.

valuesUpdated: The total number of fields that were processed by masks.

durationMs: The total masking execution duration in milliseconds.

diagnosticMsg: If resultCode is WARNING or ERROR then this shall contain a descriptive message of this issue encountered. If resultCode is SUCCESS then this field shall be empty.

version: The version number of the FileMasker masking library.





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