Introduction to DataVeil

DataVeil is static (persistent) data masking software.

This means that DataVeil will permanently overwrite sensitive data in a copy of your database, such as customer names, account numbers and contact information, with realistic but fictitious data.

After all of the sensitive data has been masked, it becomes safe to use that masked database in non-secure environments without data security or privacy concerns.

Please note that DataVeil does not perform dynamic data masking, such as the data masking function introduced in SQL Server 2016 and some other data masking tools. Dynamic data masking performs a temporary presentation-level masking of sensitive data without actually changing the underlying sensitive data in the database. Therefore, dynamic data masking is not suited for non-secure environments because the original sensitive data remains vulnerable. It may even be in breach of industry and data security regulations for a sensitive database, even when accessed using dynamic data masking, to be used for non-production purposes or for the database to be located outside of a secure production environment.


Uses and Benefits



oDevelopers can be more effective when they can work with realistic data


Quality Assurance

oTesting will be able to achieve higher quality results


Performance Testing

oMore meaningful results when run against data that represents scale and complexity of actual production data



oAt some stage outsourced companies will ask for realistic test data. What will you send them?



oHandle data that actual represents an actual support incident without exposing sensitive data



oRepresentative data will provide a more realistic training experience



oSensitive and identifying data can be masked while leaving relevant statistical data intact.


Please also see The DataVeil Platform.