Upgrading DataVeil Software

Download and Unzip

To upgrade the DataVeil software, first download the new software ZIP file and unzip it.

Note: On Windows systems avoid unzipping under a system folder, such as Program Files, because security-related errors may occur such as when DataVeil attempts to create reports or log files in its default location (installed folder). Furthermore, the cause of such errors may not be obvious.

DataVeil does not perform any installation procedures into the operating system. Basically, DataVeil is run from wherever it is unzipped. This helps keeps installation clean and simple.

Note: You can install different versions of the DataVeil software side-by-side; however, only one instance can be running at any given time because the software shall attempt to use the same application cache folder.

Keep Previous Preferences Settings

This is an optional step and only applies when upgrading from a DataVeil version earlier than 4.3.0 to a version that is 4.3.0 or later and you wish to keep the existing preferences (e.g. license file location, report directory locations, email server settings, etc).

If you do not perform this step then DataVeil shall operate normally and you can simply specify the new preferences as needed.


Copy  %APPDATA%\.dataveil\dev\config\Preferences\com\dataveil\dataveil.properties

to  %APPDATA%\dataveil\dev\config\Preferences\com\dataveil\dataveil.properties

Note that the path is almost identical except for the dot ‘.’ in the original path after %APPDATA%\

To display the value of %APPDATA% on your specific Windows environment enter at the command prompt:  echo %APPDATA%


No change. Existing settings shall automatically be preserved.

Clear Cache

Important: Before running a new version for the first time the DataVeil application cache should be cleared otherwise some errors may occur during startup. This is because cached execution information from a previous version may be interfering.

Fortunately, when starting the GUI using the normal DataVeil run_dataveil_gui launchers this is done automatically every time the GUI is started.

However, when starting DataVeil from the command line the cache is not cleared automatically. Therefore, after upgrading please ensure that the the GUI is started at least once before running DataVeil from the command line, or just perform the cache clearing command that appears as the first command in the relevant GUI startup script.

Native Libraries

If you had previously installed DataVeil Native Libraries on your DBMS then you may need to upgrade these.

The Native Libraries are not expected to change frequently and may be compatible with newer versions of DataVeil software. You can check the README.pdf in the unzipped "dataveil" software folder for compatibility information. You can also attempt a Preview masking run that uses the Native Libraries and a message shall be logged if the Native Library version is not compatible. 

If an installed Native Library is not compatible with a newer version of the DataVeil software then you shall first need to uninstall the existing Native Library and then install the new Native Library. Instructions uninstalling and installing can be found in the Native Library section.

Update any Shortcuts

If you have been running DataVeil using a shortcut then please make sure that you update it to point to the new run_dataveil_gui file.

Now you just run the new DataVeil run_dataveil_gui file from the unzipped location instead of your current DataVeil run_dataveil_gui file. See Starting the Graphical User Interface and Command Line Execution for further details.

Other System Settings

Other system settings are available such as explicitly defining the Java JDK location and default GUI font size. Please refer to System Customization.

Confirm New Version

You can confirm which version of DataVeil you are running by looking at the version number displayed in the GUI main title bar.


The upgrade procedure is completed.

The license file location and all other preferences and settings from the previous version of DataVeil shall be automatically found by the new version of DataVeil.

Reminder: If you have not previously established a permanent location for the DataVeil User Data folders that are used for reports and custom discovery patterns, as described in Step 4 in the Installation section, then the new version of DataVeil will continue to use those existing locations. In this case this would be subfolders of the DataVeil software that was originally installed (i.e. the older version software). Therefore, please be sure to assign permanent folder locations so that this is not an issue with any future software upgrade installations.