Refresh Schema

The Refresh Schema function will rescan the schema on the database server and update any changes found to those currently shown in DataVeil.

The database Refresh Schema can be performed from the DBMS explorer view by right-clicking on the database node and then selecting the 'Refresh Schema' action from the pop-up menu.


All changes are applied automatically and immediately if no problems are detected. A message is written to the DataVeil logger to confirm that the Refresh has been completed.

If, however, DataVeil cannot find required schema items on the DBMS then the affected columns shall be displayed to the user. This would typically happen if the user has configured masks for a column (or other DataVeil-specific settings) but that column can no longer be found on the DBMS. Therefore, the user would be shown a Resolve panel and asked which alternative column should be used for those masks (and/or settings) or whether to discard those masks (and/or settings.)

The Resolve panel is fully explained under the Migrate Masks topic.


The Refresh Schema function only refreshes schema definition changes (such as new/deleted/renamed table or column names and dependency changes)

There is no need to perform a Refresh Schema if only the contents of tables have changed (such as rows added, deleted or updated).