Strange Window Appearance on Startup


When DataVeil is started, the GUI may not behave normally. It may be immediately apparent, such as the Explorer panel on the left not appearing, or it may be that other windows do not appear where and when they usually do.

The main indicator that there is a problem is the small red circle with a white horizontal bar in the bottom-right corner of the GUI frame.

The screen may appear something like this:




This can occur if the installed (unzipped) directory of the DataVeil software is moved after DataVeil has already been run at least once.

This can also occur if you have downloaded another version of DataVeil and run it from a different folder than the previous version of DataVeil.

The typical cause is that the Netbeans windowing framework has cached an absolute path from its last known execution location. Therefore, when DataVeil is restarted from a different location some components cannot be found thereby resulting in this issue.

In fact, if you click on the red circle, a message shall be displayed specifying the path that cannot be found:

Fortunately, this is easy to fix.



This solution is to delete the cache directory. This is automatically performed by the DataVeil GUI Launcher.

Therefore, simply start the DataVeil GUI using the Launcher. If this does not resolve the problem then please contact DataVeil support.