Unicode & Non-English Languages


Although some DataVeil masks are designed to work with the English language many other masks support masking data that is in any language.

The following lists shows which masks are primarily useful with the English language (rely on 'a'..'z', 'A'..'Z') and which are useful for any language.


English Language Masks

Address Street

Company Name

Person First Name

Person Full Name

Person Last Name

Randomize Mask



Any Language (Unicode) Masks





User SQL Value


Non-Language Based Masks (i.e. Dates, Numbers and Numeric Digits)

Bank Account Number


National Identifiers: Belgium, Canada, USA.

Number Sequence

Primary Account Number

Random Number

Randomize DateTime

Randomize Hex

Note: Although these masks are not language-based, when masking a text-based column they still rely on the ANSI code space. For example, numbers are expected to consist of '0'..'9' and if a mask offers a 'preserve formatting' capability then those other characters (such as periods, hyphens, dashes, etc) are also expected to be in the ANSI code space.