National Identifier Mask - United Kingdom - National Insurance Number

The United Kingdom National Insurance Number (NINO) is a person's social security number that can be represented as:



AA is a two character prefix where each character can be A - Z except:

The first character may not be any of: D, F, I, Q, U or V.

The second character may not be any of: D, F, I, O, Q, U or V.

NN NN NN is a six digit numeric field that is effectively a sequence number. The valid range is 00 00 00 - 99 99 99.

The six digits can appear in any format, such as without spaces, or as 3 two digit groups separated as spaces (as shown) or with any other separator.

C is a one character suffix. It may be omitted. If present then DataVeil shall accept any character as valid although typically this value is A, B, C or D.



* DataVeil shall always generate values using uppercase characters.

* The format of every individual NINO shall be preserved. i.e. Any embedded separators, such as spaces or hyphens, shall be preserved. Therefore, the format shown above is a general representation only.

* If the original value's suffix (C) is present then DataVeil shall generate a replacement character of A, B, C or D only. If the original value's suffix is absent then DataVeil shall not generate a suffix.

* If an invalid original NINO is found then the entire value shall be preserved. For this purpose, an invalid NINO is considered one that does not follow the character content rules as stated above. Note: DataVeil shall consider any NINO that conforms to these rules as valid even if the actual prefix value (AA) has not yet been officially allocated by the government.

* NULL values shall always be preserved.



Pre/Post SQL

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