Lots of Warnings

Some users are confused with compile warnings similar to:

WARNING Column devtest.dbo.tbla.fname does not have an unconditional mask (a mask without a Where condition). This means that it may be possible that some rows will not be masked.

This is then usually accompanied by another warning after a masking run to say that not all rows were masked.

WARNING Column devtest.dbo.tbla.fname has masked only 480 rows out of a total of 500 rows in table devtest.dbo.tbla. Therefore 20 rows have not been masked!

The can happen because the mask has a Where condition and some of the rows do not satisfy the Where condition. Therefore those rows do not get masked. It may be intentional for those rows to be preserved but DataVeil doesn't know that this is intentional and so it logs warnings that some rows have not been masked.

If you are certain that the unmasked rows are intentional and would like to not see such warning messages then simply add a Preserve mask as the last mask in the mask sequence for the column. This signals to DataVeil that any unmasked rows are intentional for that column and therefore no such warning shall be emitted.