Environment Settings


It is recommended to configure the environment settings below.

These are optional but will likely enhance the operation and ongoing usability of DataVeil for you.

DataVeil User Data Location

The unzipped DataVeil delivery folder contains a folder called 'DataVeil User Data'.

It contains the default folders for storing the automatically generated masking and discovery reports and any custom discovery regular expression patterns that you may define.

If you intend to use DataVeil on an ongoing basis, and may therefore upgrade the software at some time in the future, then it is recommended to either:

- Move the 'DataVeil User Data' folder (and its subfolders) to a permanent location rather than leaving it within the delivery folder, or..

- Use any other permanent folder locations that you prefer that are outside of the unzipped DataVeil delivery folder.

Either way, you will need to manually assign five specific folders. To do this, please open the Options dialog from the main menu bar Tools -> Options. The Directories panel is shown below:


In the example above, the user appears to have initially unzipped the DataVeil deliverable ZIP file to the PC Desktop and so the 'DataVeil User Data' folder is defaulted to a subfolder of the DataVeil folder on the Desktop.

Therefore, to physically move the data folders, you could simply drag and drop the 'DataVeil User Data' subfolder to any permanent location.

Then, you will need to click on each  button in the Directories panel to change the folder location settings within DataVeil.


In this example, the user had moved the 'DataVeil User Data' folder to the root directory C:\ and then modified each of the 5 folder location settings as shown below.


Email Server Settings

Some features within DataVeil enable email notifications, such as upon completion of a data masking run or a discovery search.

In order for emails to be sent, the email server settings must first be configured.

To open the email settings panel, click on the main menu bar Tools -> Options and open the Servers panel, as shown below.

After entering your email server settings you can test them by clicking on the "Send Test Email" button. If DataVeil is able to connect and send successfully then a confirmation message shall be displayed and you should receive a test email at the Default Recipients address(es).