Column Group Option

Sometimes two or more columns have an association with each other and need to be masked together.

For example, suppose there are two columns, 'city' and 'postalcode', and it is required to shuffle them together. If two independent Shuffle masks are used then the result would be that city names would be shuffled to rows with an incorrect postalcode.

Similarly, A DataSet mask can read multiple columns from the same row in a CSV file and use those to mask multiple columns on the same row of a table

Therefore, to create such an association between multiple columns, DataVeil provides the Column Group feature.

All columns in a Column Group must be in the same table.

You can access the Column Group editor by setting focus to the required table (click on the table node in the Project explorer tree) and open the Masking view.



Click on the 'Create...' button to create a Column Group and use the 'Add' button to add columns to the new Column Group. The screen capture below shows that the 'city' and 'postalcode' columns have been added:



Click 'OK' and the new Column Group is added to the table's Column Group tab.


Now, whenever a mask is added to one of the Column Group columns, only those masks that are compatible with Column Groups shall be shown in the mask selection list. The other masks shall be disabled. Only the DataSet, Preserve and Shuffle masks are compatible with masking columns defined in a Column Group.