Strange Window Appearance on Startup


When DataVeil is started, the screen layout appears peculiar or incomplete.

For instance, the Explorer window that usually appears on the left side is missing. Another hint is that a red circle with a white horizontal bar may appear in the bottom-right corner as indicated below (although the circle will disappear eventually). Normal operation of DataVeil may not be possible.

The screen may appear something like this:



This can occur if the installed (unzipped) directory of the DataVeil software is moved after DataVeil has already been run at least once.

This can also occur if you have downloaded another version of DataVeil and run it from a different folder than the previous version of DataVeil.

The typical cause is that the windowing framework has cached an absolute path from its last known execution location. Therefore, when DataVeil is restarted from a different location some components cannot be found thereby resulting in this issue.

Fortunately, this is easy to fix.



This solution is to delete the DataVeil User directory. It contains your preferences and temporary data which may be safely deleted. You may wish to save your preferences and this is discussed in the procedure below.

 Step 1: Get the DataVeil User directory location from the Help 'About' dialog:

- Click on Help -> About in the main menu:


- Note the location of the "User directory" folder


 Step 2: Exit DataVeil

- Stop Dataveil.

Step 3: Save your preferences file (Optional)

If you wish to save your preferences (such as License file location, Repository location, etc) then you shall need to copy the '' file to a temporary location prior to Step 4. The file is found relative from the User directory at config\Preferences\com\dataveil\

Step 4: Delete the DataVeil User directory

- Delete the User directory that was located as noted in Step 1 above.

Please note that that on Windows systems the folder is a 'hidden' folder (".dataveil") which means that it will only be visible in the Windows File Explorer if "Show hidden files" is enabled on your PC. You can check or enable it as follows:

* Open Windows Folder Options. It can be found in Control Panel -> Appearance and Personalization -> Folder Options.
* Click the View tab.
* Under Advanced settings, click Show hidden files, folders, and drives, and then click OK.

Step 5: Start DataVeil

- DataVeil shall now start normally. It shall also have created a new User directory.

Step 6: Restore your preferences file (Optional)

If you performed Step 3 and saved your preferences file, then you should now replace the config\Preferences\com\dataveil\ file in the new User directory that was created by DataVeil in Step 5 with the file that you saved in Step 3.