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Data Masking Project Security

DataVeil securely manages any passwords saved in the database Connection panels. If a saved project that contains database passwords is later opened, the user will need to specify the correct Project Key in order for the project to be executable.


Project Key

If the user has chosen an option in the Connection panel to save passwords then when the project is saved, the user will be asked to enter a Project Key in a dialog as shown below:

DataVeil project key definition

Any combination of printable characters is acceptable. The only requirement is that the key is at least 6 characters long.

If the user selects 'No' then all database passwords shall be deleted from the DataVeil project before it is saved to a project file.

If the user enters a Project Key and selects 'Yes' then all database passwords that were entered in Connection panels with a 'save passwords' option will be securely saved.

If a user subsequently opens a DataVeil project (.dvp file) then the user shall be able to edit the project without the Project Key; however, the Project Key will be required before DataVeil will allow any database access - this includes Discovery searches and masking execution.


Entering the Project Key

The Project Key can be entered into DataVeil from two places:

1. Execution Panel:

    If you attempt to Run a project and the Project Key hasn't been entered yet then DataVeil will ask you for it using the dialog shown below:


2. Settings Panel : Project settings tab - Project Key maintenance panel.

    The Project Key maintenance panel is described below.


The Project Key Maintenance Panel

The Project Key maintenance panel is accessed from the Settings tab in the main window, as shown in the diagram below:

Project key maintenance panel


The Unlock and Change Key buttons will both require the user to enter the correct current Project Key.

The Project Key / Unlock function is useful because you may want to allow someone to work with a DataVeil project and execute it against databases, but you do not want to simply give them the actual database passwords. Therefore, either unlocking the project for them or even giving them the Project Key will achieve this.

The Delete Key can be pressed by anyone to delete a currently defined Project Key. After confirmation, it will delete all the database passwords from the project and clear the Project Key. It's use is intended for the situation when the Project Key is forgotten. Naturally, you will need to re-enter the database passwords into the project Connection panels before you can run the project again.


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