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DBMS Settings

From the main window Settings -> Database -> DBMS tab you can define how DataVeil shall respond to DBMS-specific environmental settings.

Note: The DBMS tab shall only appear for DBMS's that have any such settings. Currently, this is only provided for SQL Server.


SQL Server



Require Simple recovery model

Ordinarily, DataVeil attempts to change the recovery model to Simple if it is not already.

This is to reduce transaction logging and also to prevent original sensitive values from later being restored.

If this option is selected then DataVeil shall require that the recovery model is either already Simple or that DataVeil is able to temporarily change the recovery model to Simple. Otherwise DataVeil shall log an error and terminate the masking run.

In some particular cases, users may wish to proceed with a masking run even if the recovery model cannot be changed. Therefore, by deselecting this option DataVeil shall allow the masking run to proceed even if the recovery model is not Simple.


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