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Person Family Name Mask




Person Family Name Mask

This mask shall generate family names, such as "Smith", "Jones", etc.

The longest family name is 13 characters.

Every family name consists of only alphabetic characters. In other words, there are no hyphenated names, and there are no apostrophes. For example, the family name O'brien would be generated as "Obrien".



Select from

Here you can specify the size of the pool of distinct family names that shall be used to generate values.

The default is 10,000 of the most popular family names in the United States.

The maximum available is 88,800. You can also specify a custom value from 10 to 88,800.


Case of new names

Specifies the case of the masked values to be generated.

For example, "Smith" is in Title Case, "SMITH" is in Upper Case and "smith" is in Lower Case.

Note:  The case of the original name is not relevant for the selection of the masked name. For example, if the original name is "smith" and the masked value is "Jones", then the masked value for "Smith" and "SMITH" shall also be "Jones" (assuming that Deterministic mode masking is used.)



If this mask is performed in Deterministic mode, then the results will be deterministic for a given 'Select from' value (in addition to any Deterministic seed, as usual). If you want the masked results to be the same for each run on the same input, then the 'Select from' value must also be the same on each run.

Also note that different names may be generated for the same name if it appears in a different case, unless the 'Ignore case of original string' option in the Determinism tab is selected.


Null and Empty Value Handling

Deterministic mode: A null or empty string is preserved.

Non-Deterministic mode: A null or empty string is overwritten with a random family name value.






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