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Company Name Mask




Company Name Mask

This mask generates fictitious business or company names.

The default mask, shown below, generates names such as:

Balanced Challenges Financial
 KXA Ball Internet
 Pitch Gym
 ZHB Formal Space Systems



Company names shall be generated in the following format:

[ Acronym ]  [ Adjective ]  Noun  Sector  [ Suffix ]


Acronym is a sequence of two or three alphabetic characters. An acronym shall be included in approximately 50% of names.
 Eg. "AC", "CMR", "PRS"

Adjective is an ordinary adjective. The longest adjective is 13 characters. An adjective shall be included in approximately 80% of names.
 Eg. "Efficient", "Global", "Great"

Noun is an ordinary noun. The longest noun is 13 characters. A noun shall always be included
 Eg. "Diamond", "Garden", "Valley"

Sector is a general categorizing term from the Sectors selected in the Company Name mask form. A sector shall always be included.
 Eg. "Industries", "Insurance", "Pathology", "School"
 See the description of "Sectors" below for more examples.

Suffix is optional text that shall be appended to the generated company names. This lets you specify company types.
 Eg. ", LLC", "Inc.", "Pty Ltd". 



Here are some samples of words that are substituted for Sector. There are many other similar words (not listed) that are also used.

Generic sector:


 Consumer sector:


 Health sector:


Financial sector


Technology sector:




This defines the approximate relative frequency each sector appears.

In the example panel shown, a Generic sector shall be chosen 5 times out of every 'sum of all Sector weightings' (i.e. 12 = 5 + 4 + 1 + 1 + 1). Similarly, a Consumer sector shall be chosen 4 times out of every 12, a Health sector 1 time out of every 12, etc.



You can specify suffixes to make company names look more familiar or realistic, such as ending in "LLC" (United States) or "Pty Ltd" (Australia).

DataVeil shall insert a space between Sector and Suffix unless Suffix begins with a comma in which case no space shall be inserted.

For example, consider a generated name of "ABC Enterprises". If a Suffix of "Ltd." is specified then the fully generated name shall be "ABC Enterprises Ltd." (space inserted after "Enterprises") whereas if the Suffix is ", LLC" then the fully generated name shall be "ABC Enterprises, LLC" (no space inserted after "Enterprises" because the Suffix begins with a comma.)

It is recommended to specify at least a few Suffixes. You can also specify a blank Suffix which only makes sense if you are specifying other Suffixes. For example, if you specified the suffixes: "" (blank), ", LLC", "Inc.", "Ltd" then each of these Suffixes shall appear in approximately 25% of generated names. This is shown in the example below:

Using the examples shown above, generated names using these suffixes could look like: 

Balanced Challenges Financial
 KXA Ball Internet, LLC
 Pitch Gym Inc.
 ZHB Formal Space Systems Ltd


This defines the approximate relative frequency that each suffix shall be chosen.

In the example panel shown, a blank (empty) suffix shall be chosen 1 times out of every 'sum of all Suffix weightings' (i.e. 4 = 1 + 1 + 1 + 1). Similarly, an ", LLC" sector shall be chosen 1 time out of every 4, an "Inc." suffix shall be chosen 1 time out of every 4, etc.


Case of new company name

If 'UPPER CASE' or 'lower case' is selected then the entire company name shall be generated in the selected case.

If 'Title Case' is selected then only the Adjective, Noun and Sector are generated using title case. The Acronym shall be in upper case and the case of any Suffixes specified shall be preserved exactly as entered. For example, if a Suffix of ", LLC" is specified then a generated company name using title case could be "ABC Enterprises, LLC".



If you want the masked results to be the same for each run on the same input, then all settings for this mask must remain the same for each run.

Also note that different names may be generated for the same original name if it appears in a different case, unless the 'Ignore case of original string' option in the Determinism tab is selected.


Other Considerations

* This mask may generate duplicate Company Names. This is true for both deterministic and random masking modes. As a general estimate, you can expect approximately 970,000 out of 1,000,000 randomly generated company names to be distinct when not using any Suffixes. If you specify several Suffixes (eg. "", ", LLC", "Inc." and "Ltd") then this could increase to approximately 990,000 or more distinct names out of 1,000,000. If you require a guarantee of 100% distinctness (no collisions) then please consider using the Randomize mask in deterministic distinct mode.

* These generated company names are fictitious. Any similarity to real-world entities is entirely coincidental.






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