announcement150We are pleased to announce that a Freeware version of DataVeil shall be released at the same time as the General Availability of DataVeil which is set for November 28, 2013.

The Freeware version shall be fully-featured except that the maximum number of sensitive values shall be restricted to 500,000 per project. Unlimited database sizes per project. Unlimited projects!

Specifically, this limit refers to the maximum number of sensitive values that DataVeil shall process – a count of the number of sensitive columns multiplied by the number of rows in those columns. The total size of the database(s) can be much larger and is irrelevant to the DataVeil Freeware limit.

For example, suppose that you have a database with 100 million values and it is normalized such that there are only 10 sensitive columns with an average of 50,000 rows.  Therefore, you could use DataVeil Freeware to mask such a database because 10 sensitive columns * 50,000 rows is <= 500,000 sensitive values.

We are providing this data masking Freeware in recognition that there are many organizations who are in a situation where they are handling sensitive data and are not in a position to acquire a commercial license due to budget or other circumstances. If you are in this situation and you find that you are over this limit then consider subsetting your data to reduce the number of sensitive values.