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About DataVeil Technologies

DataVeil Technologies Pty Ltd is a privately held company established in 2002 and situated in Melbourne, Australia. Our skills and experience is principally in enterprise systems covering data masking, test tools and network communications.

Our most recent product development has been the DataVeil data masking software which represents a strategic direction for DataVeil Technologies.

DataVeil Technologies is committed to establishing DataVeil as a leader in the data masking space.

Our Experience

Another major product is the ComNet network communications protocol conversion software. This is a high performance enterprise-class product that has demonstrated the highest levels of excellence and reliability. Throughout its entire service life (4 years) it has run in Production, connecting an entire national network of Point of Sale devices, without any defects or unplanned outages. Please refer to our dedicated ComNet product website for more details.

Design and development of the original VersaTEST on NSK, now owned and supported by Ascert, LLC, and used extensively for over a decade by an impressive customer base worldwide.

Design and development of the VPRO testing and simulation product, now owned by ACI Worldwide (Pacific) Pty Ltd. VPRO has provided a reliable foundation for online transaction Quality Assurance for over a decade at major corporations including one of the ‘Big Four’ banks of Australia.

Design and development of a major communications protocol conversion software switch for a leading Australian bank. This software supported the bank’s ATM (cash machine), POS, Interchange, Host and Home Banking applications. This implementation was so successful that other business units, including a foreign data centre, had requested and installed the software.


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